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Advertica Team


Founder, Marketing Specialist


Founder, Software and Web Developer


PR Specialist


Online Marketing Specialist

How we work

We are passionate about everything that arouses our curiosity and intelligence. We like the internet more than the chicken strips, so we attack it on all fronts: creating websites, social media content, online marketing campaigns and the list goes on.

We have a big portfolio, which we are proud of, and satisfied customers with whom we work long term.

What we do

We offer complete services to promote your business online and no customer requirements scare us.

In our free time we like hiking, coffee, cycling, writing stories and playing on game consoles.

How to contact us

If you want to have a chat over coffee about how we can help you promote your business, you can call or email us.

Yes, we are on Facebook and LinkedIn, we can be friends there too.

We have experience in marketing, communication, but also on the technical and creative side. If you don’t believe us, work with us and we’ll convince you.🙂

With Marius you can talk about marketing strategies, creating a brand and positioning it on the market, creating an online campaign (from concept to effective strategies and evaluating the campaign), using social networks and blogs effectively to promote a business and gain new customers. You also need to talk to him if you want your site to be more easily found by customers, whether we are talking about optimizing for certain keywords in search engines (SEO) or content marketing – creating useful content for customers looking for information on the internet.

Cristi is the man in front of the monitor. He advises you on choosing the site that best suits your business and your web hosting, platform and web design. Technically speaking, he deals with the actual creation of the site, programming and web design.

Andra is the person you need when you want your business to be presented in beautiful, impactful words. She creates texts for websites, blog, pages or Social Media.

Mihaela creates and sets up online campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube. She also deals with email marketing campaigns, offers consulting and digital marketing strategies and is always up to date with what is new in the field.

Our business philosophy

We always look to offer a fair value for money.

We are dedicated professionals and our role is, among other things, to consult and give you the best recommendations regarding your internet presence. We are, if you want to call us that, “online doctors”.

Latest projects

See what we’ve accomplished for our customers.

You need a new website or digital marketing campaigns?

Let’s have a coffee and see how we can help you promote your business on the internet.