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Responsive Web Design

What does responsive web design mean?

A website is responsive if it has the ability to adapt the design of the pages according to the viewing environment, meaning the screen resolution – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, without suffering major utility losses, to provide users with a pleasant browsing experience.

A website or online store with responsive web design is essential in attracting customers and visitors, given that more than half of the internet traffic is from mobile and the percentage is increasing.

How we work at Advertica? Since 2011 we have been helping companies to communicate efficient through the internet.

We offer consultancy in order to choose the best platform and establish the structure of the site, we continue with web design, meaning the way the site or the online store will look. We implement the web design through web development, meaning effective programming, and in the end we offer support and maintenance to customers who want to further develop their websites.

Responsive Web Design advantages

  • One version of the site – you don’t need to create multiple versions of the pages for each resolution, just one version of the site, which can be accessed from any device. The site automatically resizes on load to suit the resolution and size of the device used, the experience being the same.
  • Increased conversion rate – a responsive web design ensures an easier shopping experience in online stores and helps increase the conversion rate, regardless of the type of site visited.
  • Accessibility – the website can be accessed by all internet users, regardless of the device they use.
  • SEO optimization – Google’s algorithms favor adaptive, responsive web design sites, so your site will be better indexed and rank higher than non-responsive sites. Responsive websites are indexed faster by search engines.
  • Navigating a responsive web design site is easier.
  • Maintenance – costs are lower for future updates, because updates are done for all the website versions at once.

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