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Social Media Management

99% of customers who tell us that they will update their social media accounts don’t do this. Here we intervene, with social media management services.

It’s not enough to have a responsive website set up and digital marketing campaigns running.

You also need a consistent communication strategy on the internet, whether we are talking about publishing articles on your blog, communicating on Facebook or updating the Instagram account. If we add Pinterest or Youtube, there are already too many platforms. But they are important, and can help you to attract customers, depending on your goals and the type of customers you target.

We help you to communicate effectively and constantly with the public, using a friendly language. You dont want to discover that Christmas has come and on your Facebook page the last message is from Easter.

Social Media Management Services

  • Social networks – we offer consultancy for choosing social media platforms where it makes sense to promote yourself, depending on the brand and the targeted audience.
  • Development of social media strategy, from goals and message frequency to recommended content types, depending on platform and brand. The aim is to combine commercial messages with informative, educational and, why not, even funny ones, in order to increase the degree of interaction of the public with the brand’s posts.
  • Setting up and updating social media accounts according to the editorial calendar: what, when and why. We always keep an eye on statistics, obviously.
  • Creating content and visuals for social media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, company blog or other platforms, depending on the brand. No, we will not put pictures of nice cats or coffee, but we can do little miracles with well thought out messages and banners created by us, if you provide us with quality photos and videos.
  • Trainings for the initiation and/or effective use of social media.

You need a new website or digital marketing campaigns?

Let’s have a coffee and see how we can help you promote your business on the internet.